Knight News Challenge

The Knight News Challenge accelerates media innovation by funding breakthrough ideas in news and information. Winners receive a share of $5 million in funding and support from Knight’s network of influential peers and advisors to help advance their ideas. The first round of 2013, which opens in February, will invite innovators from all disciplines to focus on tools for open government. In 2012, three challenge rounds, each focused on an emerging trend, drew more than 2,500 entries.

Challenge 1 - on NETWORKS: Winners were announced June 18.

Challenge 2 - on DATA: Winners were announced Sept. 20.

Challenge 3 – on MOBILE: Winners were announced Jan. 17.

Anyone, anywhere can apply for the challenge - whether for-profit start-ups or non-profit ventures. For more information on a variety of topics - from guidelines for for-profits, on intellectual property licensing, open source software and more - visit our FAQ. Turn your audience into your army.

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1. What is your project? [1 sentence] combines the distributed labor aspect of Mechanical Turk with the broad appeal of mobile to allow users to work towards shared goals.

2. How will your project use mobile tools and approaches? [2 sentences] is a server + mobile client to allow users to accept missions from publishers and organizations that are relevant socially and geographically. Publishers are given greater engagement with their readers, and the audience is able to participate meaningfully.

3. Who will use it and why? [1 sentence]

Publishers use to engage their audience. Developers use to reach new audience. Audiences use to participate.

4. Please list three ways they would learn about your project.

1) Publishers link to their profile and allow users to follow them for tasks, much like on twitter. 

2) Relevant applications present themselves from within the application.

3) Notifications and social media allow tasks to spread between users directly.

5. What connections have you made, or will you make, with others [communities, organizations or networks] about your project? [2 sentences]

We hope to work with publishers directly to allow them to engage your audience. Small, regionally focused apps around a town, city, school, sporting event, etc can be targeted easily.

6. What part of the project have you already built? [1-2 sentences, feel free to include links]

We have built the client and prototype server, which are both currently working. The apps are currently in the app store on both Android and iOS. Developers are already able to build and ship apps on our platform.

7. What does success for your project look like? [1-2 sentences] is installed by default on all mobile phones.

8. What resources do you need to succeed? [1-2 sentences]

Connections to publishers.

Additional details: 
Please list who is on your team:
 Founders: Joshua Schachter (previously, founder of delicious, MIT Tech Review 35 Innovators under 35, Smithsonian Young Innovator Hall of Fame), Nick Nguyen (previously, product director at Mozilla for Firefox Add-Ons), and Paul Rademacher (previously technical lead Google Mapsinventor of the first maps mashup,, and winner, MIT 35 young innovators under 35)

Expected number of months to complete project: Product development is ongoing.

Estimated Project Cost:
Name: Joshua Schachter / Tasty Labs
Twitter: @joshu
Email address:
Organization [if applicable]:
How did you learn about the contest?