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Challenge 3 – on MOBILE: Winners were announced Jan. 17.

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DeliberationVille: a mobile app to promote citizen participation for the design of public spaces

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1. What is your project? [1 sentence]

We look forward to allow any citizen to take a picture of a public space, street, building, etc and using a game-like interface, build up their own, so the public authority will gather thousand of sought scenarios in order to help them for the decision-making process.

2. How will your project use mobile tools and approaches? [2 sentences]

We will build an app for the main mobile OS which will allow, in the one hand, users to easily find a urban deliberatory process nearby. And in the other, pubic authorities will access a backoffice where to set up a deliberatory process and collect data for the decision-making.

3. Who will use it and why? [1 sentence]

It is addressed to the general public as final user, and to public government (mainly local) as the promoter of deliberation processes.

4. Please list three ways they would learn about your project.

-We have tight links with Spanish, European (EIPA) and international (UN-Habitat) local-authorities organizations, who in turn can access final users.

-We will market the app to non-governamental organizations (think tanks, lobbies, etc.) that influence and promote local participation and bottom-up deliberation process.

-We will carry trials in those cities we have executed web-based participation project in order to test the app and build best-practices rapports for its dissemination.

5. What connections have you made, or will you make, with others [communities, organizations or networks] about your project? [2 sentences]

We are a non-governamental organization with permanent links with other community organizations and local authorities.

6. What part of the project have you already built? [1-2 sentences, feel free to include links]

We have all the logical-architecture of the deliberation process ( So, we need to build the user interface, the app, as well as, simplify the logical-architecture to fit the mobile enviroment without loosing quality.

7. What does success for your project look like? [1-2 sentences]

The execution of 100 deliberation process during the first year.

A 90% satisfaction rating average by final users

8. What resources do you need to succeed? [1-2 sentences]

We need to invest time and human resources on conceptualization, design, software development and marketing.

Additional details:
Please list who is on your team: Francesc Camps (CEO), Bernat Quingles (CTO), Josep Alías (Social Innovation Manager), Marc Salmurri (developer), 
Expected number of months to complete project: 8 months
Estimated Project Cost: USD 70.000
Name: Josep Alías
Twitter: -
Email address:
Organization [if applicable]: Vegga
City: Spain
Country: Barcelona
How did you learn about the contest? 
Alberto Ibargüen Twitter

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